Kappa Tanabe playing the TruV system.

Rarely do we find true innovation.

We believe that the TruV tremolo is the first onboard guitar innovation since the tremolo itself.  Our tremolo combines vibrato and volume in the tremolo bar which allows for unique and intuitive guitar voicing.

The idea is a result of watching Jeff Beck combine pitch, volume and picking with his right hand. Our tremolo combines two of these functions, volume and vibrato into one fluid motion. The result is muscle memory in the "imagine it, play it" realm, where each guitarist will find his own signature effect. The volume control is fast, clean and responsive.


Caution! This is not a stomp box, there is no on/off switch. Your imagination is the only limitation.

We hope you share our vision as to where this will go in the right hand(s).


Volume Tremolo

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